Emeritus Legal assists with application for Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration for dealing with an estate of a deceased person

Administration of Estates

We are very aware that the passing of a spouse, partner, relative or close friend is a difficult time, particularly if you also have to deal with the deceased’s financial affairs. We will do all that we can to assist you during this distressing period.

Whether there is a will or not we can help you through the process and advise you as appropriate. We want you to be fully aware what your obligations and duties, and how best we can assist you in fulfilling them. It is also important to understand the likely time scales involved in dealing with an estate, so that you and the beneficiaries have clear expectations as to how long it may take for each stage to be completed.

You, as the PR’s, will be responsible for applying for the grant of probate (where there is a Will or letters of administration if there is no will). If we act on your behalf, we apply to the Probate Registry on your behalf.

In either case, the grant is a legal document that tells the world that you are the person(s) responsible for dealing with the deceased’s estate.

The PRs will need either document in order to collect in the assets, pay off the liabilities and eventually distribute the residue to the beneficiaries.

The process of collecting, dealing and distributing the estate is a time consuming and lengthy task. It may involve considerable administration skills and it could involve liaison with the HMRC, financial institutions, pension providers local authorities and other official bodies.

Some assets may need to be sold and maintained such as the house. The PR’s will need to be able to deal with the beneficiaries and carry out searches to ensure they are not bankrupt.

Inheritance tax may also be payable and care should be taken to complete the necessary forms correctly. Also, it is important to know which reliefs and exemptions apply in order to minimise the IHT liability.

We will take you through the process carefully and explain how we charge for the work we undertake so that you know what to expect with regards to our fees.

We can assist you with the following :-

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    I was very pleased with the response from both Alun and Rhys. I needed advice regarding a will quite quickly and was initially responded to at the weekend by phone and then was able to make an appointment to see Alun a few days later.

    Mrs R. Cardiff

    You gave me peace of mind when having to deal with my affairs. You were very patient with me and took me through what was required when my husband passed away.

    Mrs J. Cardiff

    When my husband died I could not face dealing with the administration of the estate and the bereavement itself. I found Mr Thomas most caring and helpful. Thank you very much.

    Mrs E, Cardiff

    I hate paperwork and I am really pleased I can use a solicitor who I can trust and can talk to personally

    Ms J. Cardiff

    Having recently had the need to discuss my affairs with Mr Thomas, solicitor, I recommend this gentleman for his professionalism, integrity –care and understanding of the needs of his clients, and his truthful advice.

    Mr P. Penarth.